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Gelateria di Piazza, San Gimignano

Gelateria di Piazza, San Gimignano (Siena)

If you are San Gimignano, we suggest you to go to the Gelateria di Piazza, with his creative proprietor..

Just in order to give you an idea of the ice-cream tastes you will find in Gelateria di Piazza, we list you some of their specialties:

Crema di Santa Fina, Saffron and Pine nut cream, Dolceamaro, Aromatic Herb Cream, Champelmo, Pink Grapefruit and Sparkling whine, Sangue di Bue, Spice Chocolate and sour charries, Vernaccia sorbet, Curva Fiesole, Ricotta and Bilberries, Amedei Chocolate, Chocolate based on Amedei Cocoa, Ripe Blackberry Lavender, Ripe Blackberry with a hint of Lavender, Gorgonzola and Walnuts, Goat’s milk cheese and Sorrento Walnuts, Raspberry- Rosemary, Mango spiced with Ginger, Pear flavoured with Saffron…….

Gelateria di Piazza

Piazza della Cisterna

San Gimignano (Siena)

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Sergio on the set of “Tea with Mussolini”

The proprietor of this marvellous Gelateria took part of the Zeffirelli’s movie Tea with Mussolini.  In several moments he became the most important character with his cart: in demand with all the stars, as a sweet coolant, he was adored for his happy attitude that brought enjoyment and relaxation to the intervals between one take and: look at the photos

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