Frittelle di San Giuseppe

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Giorgio tells me that when he was a child and it was the San Giuseppe period (that is march), he used to go every morning in by a wooden hut to buy a carton of frittelle di San Giuseppe. They were served only in march and there was always the queue …

He told me about these “frittelle” so many times in the past but I didn’t understand his love for frittelle until last saturday, when we were in by Nanni… They had them and we bought 300 gr of frittelle: they were fantastic! simple, light, delicious, in a second they were gone..

Giorgio told me that his grandmother used to cook them every march for San Giuseppe. This is a nice thing, typical of ancient times: a cake cooked only in certain periods of the year.. Also now, there is the same wooden hut cooking Frittelle di San Giuseppe only in this period ..and even in Buonconvento by Nanni: they told us they cook them only for San Giuseppe and today they told me they will serve them again only on next saturday!! this is  so sad and foolish:-))  I imagine the queue..

The recipe is very very simple:

Ingredients: 600 grams of rice, 2 liters of water, the rind of 1 orange and 1 lemon, half a liter of cooking oil, 6 tablespoons of sugar, salt.

Procedure: In a saucepan bring the water and when it boils, throw the rice and a pinch of salt. The rice is cooked a long time with the lemon zest and orange (it must not be “al dente”).

Drain and let stand in a tray for 12 hours. A couple of hours before frying, add the flour to the dough. In a pan with hot oil (but not too much, otherwise the pancakes immediately become brown), throwing the rice with the tablespoon (consider one tablespoon of rice: one Frittella).

Fry turning carefully. When they are golden, drain and lay on a sheet of absorbent paper.

Finally, a sprinkling of sugar and there they are ready! They are good also cold ..but try them warm!! and in any case, eat them within the 12 hours.

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  1. How much flour do you add?
    We just had them in Siena during March. They were delicious!

  2. ca. 250 gr flour
    This year I learnt, that they must fry in aboundant cooking oil

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