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San Gimignano

the medieval towers of San Gimignano

The first time I went to San Gimignano it was december and very cold.. my first impression was very strong: I was simply astonished, I had really never seen such a magical place (one more!:-))

I had never seen such an ancient place, so perfectly preserved, surrounded by a landscape so perfect, magical, untouched! I was used to see beautiful alleys, wonderful houses, splendid monuments, but then I had to isolate those beautiful pearls of art and history from their contest which was too often ruined by building speculation, cement jungles, horrible palaces and houses: I simply say…this doesn’t happen here. You arrive in the Siena territory and you won’t believe an area can be so beautiful and so perfectly maintained. And about San Gimignano: the snakering stone roads, the buildings, the  towers, the atmosphere, so planty of beauty everywhere! It is fantastic and seems impossible to be true…

Unfortunately, if you are born in a big city, it is so easy to think that beauty can’t happen and things must be in any case polluted, ruined and that this is the reality and that the perfect beauty is only for dreams.

The Siena territory is there to show that this is not true and that a territory can be absolutely perfect, splendid, fantastic. And that this is possible exactly like asphalt, cement and again asphalt and cement in everywhere..

I think, it is absolutely clear that I suggest you to visit San Gimignano:-) only one problem:  everything is very expensive:

after that first time, I spent a lot of days in San Gimignano because I worked there some time..and for a coffee and sandwich I spent really too much, something like 9 euros!! (this happened in the café in the main square)

In San Gimignano I had a very good experience with ice cream: Giorgio and I had a very good one in Piazza della Cisterna and sit down on the steps of the square to savour its wonderful taste:

Gelateria di Piazza

Piazza della Cisterna

San Gimignano (Siena)

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San Gimignano is also too crowdy in weekends and summer days so I suggest you to visit it during week days and not only in july/august

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