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  • Vin Santo, Tuscany
    Vin Santo
    Posted in: Food

    The Vin Santo is a traditional tuscan sweet wine. It is made with white grape varieties and, when producted with the ancient method, it is really good and wonderful to be drunk with tuscan dried dessert (Cantucci, Cavallucci, Ricciarelli, Panforte, Pan co’ Santi ..) The problem is, that it is very difficult to find a […]

  • Osteria La Befa da Brunello, Loc. La Befa, Murlo (Siena)
    Osteria da Brunello a La Befa
    Posted in: Restaurants

    A place where ancient Tuscany meets a part of Africa! I love this place!! If you love simple places, then I suggest you this one! Brunello is an ancient tuscan who has always lived in La Befa and Stella, his woman, is a very beautiful woman of Nigeria. If you’re lucky enough to meet a […]