COVID-19 let’s clarify

Update 2020/3/16

The new government decree does not change the stop to commercial activities to the public (excluding those necessary for people’s health), but adds a € 25 billion plan which includes guarantees for companies and employees. The EU is discussing the possibility of being able to close its external borders. The US has blocked access to planes arriving from all over Europe.

Update 2020/3/11

The new government decree provides for the closure throughout Italy and therefore also in Tuscany of retail commercial activities excluding the sale of foodstuffs, basic necessities, banks and insurance companies. Only supermarkets, tobacconists and pharmacies will be open while they will not be able to carry on their business: bars, pubs, restaurants, pastry shops and hairdressers. Companies will only be able to work if they can guarantee workers safety.

Update 2020/3/9

The “orange zone” regime has been extended to all of Italy, with displacements prohibited except in emergencies and bans on aggregations even outside the premises. The schools will remain closed until at least April 3 as well as gyms, theaters, cinemas.

Update 2020/3/6

The number of confirmed cases in the region rises to 79, after 18 new cases today. There are now more than 1200 people in home isolation and the first two cases of infected young people are found: 25 and 21 years old.

Update 2020/2/26

Two other cases of coronavirus are added in Tuscany, pending validation by the Higher Institute of Health. The total thus rises to 4 cases in the Region. 273 are people in home isolation for “risky contacts”. Currently about 4% of the tests carried out have given a positive result.

Update 2020/2/24

First two cases of covid-19 confirmed in Tuscany, one in Florence and one in Pistoia (originally from Pescia). An infected Florentine businessman allegedly had contact with many people recently that the authorities are looking for to test.

Update 2020/20/20

No case confirmed in Tuscany despite various suspicions and many tests done.


Covid-19 is a coronavirus with very high virulence, but with a very low incidence of mortality, similar to normal flu. It is very important to underline that in the statistics very often reported, the death rates indicate the deceased people WITH CORONAVIRUS and NOT FOR CORONAVIRUS, in fact most of the deceased people also had other mostly serious pathologies.

There are currently no particular inconveniences for tourists, airports and public transport are operating throughout the region. However, it is advisable to avoid places that are too crowded and to contact your doctor or call 1500 in case of fever and breathing difficulties.


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