Among its countless attractions, Tuscany also boasts a cult place for horror and mystery lovers: the Devil’s Bridge.


Between the eleventh and twelfth centuries, Matilde of Canossa commissioned the construction of a bridge over the Serchio river to connect the village of Borgo a Mozzano to Lucca and the Via Francigena, the bridge was then renovated around the fourteenth century and is from that date which acquired its sinuous and sinuous shape, which also ensured the flowering of numerous legends that enrich the already consistent anthology of stories about the numerous “Devil’s Bridges”, scattered throughout Europe.
The name “della Maddalena” appears from the sixteenth century, but the reason for this change is not certain.


The most famous legend tells of a pact made by the Devil himself with the bridge builder, who had realized that he would never be able to finish it on schedule. The agreement stipulated that the construction of the bridge would be completed overnight in exchange for the soul of the first one who had crossed it. The builder, in agreement with a parish priest, decided to deceive the Devil by making a pig cross the bridge for the first time (notoriously, according to Christian tradition, animals are soulless) and the devil threw himself into the Serchio river once discovered to have been cheated.

Another variant wants that the Devil after realizing the scam, would have changed the arches of the bridge which would have been originally symmetrical.


On October 31 for Halloween night, the village is populated and animated by a mournful party. Everywhere in the streets there are real horror shows. The celebrations end with the fireworks that are fired right from the Ponte della Maddalena, creating a unique atmosphere of its kind.

The visit to the bridge, especially on Halloween is recommended for photo amateurs.

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