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What do Scotland, Portugal, Brittany, Wales, Ireland, Germany and Tuscany have in common?

Simple, the presence of a suggestive religious architectural structure where you have the feeling of being in direct contact with the sky. In the province of Siena, in San Galgano, you can try all this in the suggestive Cistercian abbey.

Located in the middle of a postcard campaign, a majestic structure stands out with colors that blend perfectly with those of the landscape.

The surprise will take you by entering the building, especially in spring, when the absence of flooring gives way to a soft grass that makes you feel even more deeply the feeling of being between earth and sky.

The sword in the Stone

The abbey is linked to many narratives dating back to the late Middle Ages and, as in all respectable medieval stories, there is no shortage of sword in the rock, which is stuck in the ground not far from the building (the mysterious legend says that the the owner of the weapon was a powerful French duke).

How to get?

To reach the abbey, which is located about 30 km from the center of Siena in a southerly direction, head towards the town of Chiusdino on the SS223 Siena-Grosseto road.

A short distance from the main structure of the abbey is the suggestive hermitage of Monte Serpi, which can also be visited.

A short stop at these sites has now become a must for all those who pass through Siena and move to the Maremma or Lazio. The visit is highly recommended especially for those who move by motorbike, given the shape of the road that develops between the gentle Sienese hills.


Inside the abbey, numerous concerts are held in summer with internationally renowned artists in a game of music and lights that is well worth the ticket price.



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